Creative Café

Creating spaces to connect and belong is an important aspect of the work of our Social Prescribers and we believe Creativity can have a transformative effect on our health. Our team were invited to have a conversation with the Development Officer at the Brewhouse Arts Centre in East Staffordshire about the possibility of having a space to create and connect. We agreed that this was needed and after a few discussions the Creative Café was established offering a weekly session exclusively for Social Prescribing Clients providing an opportunity to explore their creativity in a gentle encouraging way.

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The sessions are run by a local artist Jenni Stone and is a gentle introduction into art for beginners and also a chance to have a chat and enjoy a cuppa or two. Our group at the Creative Café was given the opportunity to take part in an exciting workshop organised by The National Forest Arts Grant Project and was entitled “Offline”, inspiring people to power down technology and connect with nature.  It was a mono printing activity inspired by the art that had been created for the project with the final pieces produced by our clients featured in an online Zine.

Following on from this we are now in conversation with The National Forest Arts Programme on a much bigger project going forward. This would be a cultural programme connected to a new memorial woodland being created at the National Memorial Arboretum. The Woodland will be a living memorial to those that lost their lives during the pandemic.

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Photo credit – Offline INSTAR Photographs by Julian Hughes.

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Feedback from participants:

“Thank you for getting me there, its been a long time since I have to interact with people, I thought it was great and I certainly intend to make it next week”.

“By engaging in community groups I have been able to meet people in the area, get used to being around people again, to socialise and find groups I am interested in. I have found this helpful to improve with my anxiety and depression”.

“Thank you, absolutely loved it! Meeting new people and reconnecting has done me the world of good”.

It’s been heartwarming to see our Creative Cafe thrive and grow and for our clients to have a space to create and build friendships. 

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