Sahara Desert Charity Trek in Morocco

Saturday 24 September 2022

Sahara Trek – No Roads, No People, No Sounds … just sand

Looking for an adventure overseas whilst fundraising for Support Staffordshire? This is quite simply a superb 5-day Sahara trekking adventure into the world’s largest desert that never fails to impress. Miles of sandy desert, space, wide-open star-filled skies with no ambient light and freshly baked bread in sand ovens to die for!

Wild camping under the star-filled skies; absolutely brilliant

Magnificent rolling Sahara sand dunes; gloriously remote

Bake bread in sand ovens; the food is excellent

Time to explore Marrakech

5 reasons to take your family to the Sahara

The Sahara treks provide the most extraordinary experiences. Completely self-contained (all supplies are carried by camels), once you set off, you will leave civilisation behind for 5 days for what will be a minimalistic existence. It’s liberating, it’s refreshing. Sleeping out under the stars is something you will not forget, and with no ambient light, the array of stars on show is mesmerizing. 

This is not forgetting the great scenic drive over the High Atlas mountains to and from the Sahara, which demonstrates just how diverse Morocco’s terrain is. It takes the best part of 2 days to drive down there, with an overnight stop in Ouarzazate. We also visit the UNESCO site of Ait Ben Haddou, the film location of so many blockbuster films, including ‘The Gladiator’ and ‘Game of Thrones’.