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Many people throughout their life donate to a charity that has a special meaning to them.  However very few consider leaving them a gift after they have died.  A legacy (financial gift) to a charity is your way of showing your support to that cause after your death.  This is a vital source of income for the charity so that they can continue the work that was important to you during your life.  Indeed, without the gifts left in Wills many charities wouldn’t even exist.

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Peter Savage
Estate Planner/Will Writer
Deedsafe Wills

74% of people in the UK support charities financially during their lifetime however only 7% actually leave a legacy in their Wills.  It is estimated that if only 4% more people left charitable legacies in their Wills, this would generate an addition £1 billion for good causes in the UK every year.

Furthermore, any gift to a charity you make in your Will does not attract Inheritance Tax therefore it reduces the amount of your estate may have to pay to HMRC.  In fact if you leave 10% or more of your estate to Charity it reduces the tax rate you may need to pay on your estate from 40% to 36%.

Therefore, remember the cause that has been important to you in your life so that they can continue their good work after your death.

In order to help this to happen we at Support Staffordshire are very pleased to announce that we have developed a professional partnership with Deedsafe Wills & Legal Services to help us raise much needed funds to carry on our work. 

How does it work?  If a supporter of ours has their Will written by Deedsafe Wills they will donate 20% of the cost of the Will directly to the us.  Furthermore, as a supporter you will also receive a 5% discount off the cost of your Will.

Who are Deedsafe Wills & Legal Services? They are full members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters, they adhere to a code of conduct laid out by the Trading Standards Institute (formerly known as the Office of Fair Trading) and operate on a fixed fee basis not on an hourly rate so you know exactly how much you will pay before they start any work on your behalf.  Furthermore, Deedsafe work on a home visit (or video call) basis so they shall come to you at a time to suit you even if it is on an evening or over the weekend.

If you have any queries or would like to book an appointment, please telephone Deedsafe Wiils & Legal Services on 01743 233 245 or email them at quoting the reference “Support Staffs” to receive your discount.