Supported Volunteering

Building Better Opportunities is a project focussing on key groups who typically find they have multiple barriers to overcome when finding suitable employment. 

The project tackles the barriers that prevent these groups of people from accessing support with more opportunities for education and training, improved health and wellbeing services, better financial help and new programmes to build people’s confidence.

Support Staffordshire provide support to individuals to build self-confidence and develop or acquire new skills in key areas where they might be experiencing difficulties.

Emily had been on the Building Better Opportunities programme as she had found her confidence was quite low and she had been suffering from long term health conditions. Her daily routine became very isolating rarely leaving the house.

Our Employability Officer at Support Staffordshire identified that Emily had potential and with the right support could be a great asset in a volunteering role within Support Staffordshire.  Emily began helping out at the Support Hubs and the work clubs that were then being held in Stafford.  She slowly began to grow in confidence and then decided to volunteer at one of the support hubs on a regular weekly basis.

Emily is now a very much valued member of the team, she starts the volunteering role by meeting and greeting, makes coffees and generally chats to the new participants, making them feel comfortable and welcome.  

She has now become the leading role in the coffee time sessions, and a familiar face that participants can relate to and feel comfortable talking to.  She has quickly grown in confidence and is now able to offer one to one support to participants who need a little help with job search.

Emily has said she is happy to give something back.  She has been given a lot of support herself and now wants to help others in the same position she was once in whilst building on her experience and skills which may in the future lead to paid employment.